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The rise in blow torch burglaries has now become worrying.

Blow Torch Burglary

Blow Torch Burglary.

The Mirror and two other National News Papers this week have reported on a common burglary method known as Blow Torch Burglary. The UK Police Force are now worried because the blow torch is then used as a weapon to force victims to hand over their car keys. Blow Torch Burglary is now classed as a violent crime.

Who are the Targets?

Nearly on all reported cases, the targets for blow torch burglary were residence who owned a particular type of vehicle.

What type of cars?

In all successful blow torch burglaries, the victims had prestige cars in the: Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover bracket.


Blow Torch Burglary currently is classed as a violent crime but what is just as worrying is the burglars would have done their recce. The recce team would have observed you, your property and where you keep your vehicle at night. How else would they have known what type of vehicle is at that property? I think there are two possible reconnaissance scenarios.

Survey of known wealthy areas

Life is just busy. In any given area there will always be tradesman, food and parcel delivery people doing their job. So, one more vehicle moving slowly through an estate or cul de sac looking for high-end cars will not look suspicious. If challenged by a resident, they could easily claim they were looking for so and so at such an address.

GPS Tracker

Using a GPS tracker makes more sense to me with my military background. I would imagine that there are teams who would survey commercial buildings, car parks and office buildings looking for potential targets. Once, they have found the chosen vehicle they would put a magnetic GPS tracker on the car/4×4. The recce team can then track the car/4×4 from a smartphone phone. The GPS tracker is found on the internet with next day delivery.

How is Blow Torch Burglary Done?

Evolving Technique

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The start of Blow Torch Burglary

I genuinely think that it is an evolving technique used by criminals. At first, it was used to burn a hole in the uPVC door panel, so that they could get their arm in to turn either the key or thumb turn.

Then it has turned into the method shown in the video below. This video is from a lock manufacturer called Brisant Ultion. The footage is very upfront and honest.

Blow Torch Attack Video

This video has divided the locksmith community. Some believe that Brisant Ultion is giving away trade secrets. When I say trade secrets, I don’t mean using a Blow Torch but Euro Cylinder Snapping. Criminals have used the euro cylinder snapping method for well over twenty years, and there are a lot of videos on YouTube about it.

How to Protect your Property from Blow Torch Burglary

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An unsuccessful Blow Torch Burglary attempt.

Security Improvement 1

You can not stop a blow torch burglary attempt, but you can prevent a successful burglary. The most significant improvement you can make to your doors is to fit a British Standard 3 Star Euro Cylinder. A blow torch cannot destroy the metal used to construct the lock. The blow torch does not produce enough heat.

Locksmith Sleaford Lock Change
High-security Lock Upgrade

Recommended Product.

Changing a Euro cylinder is the easiest job in the world. If you think you can do it by yourself, then the cheapest place to buy the Euro cylinder is Amazon. Here is the link to the recommended product.

Security Improvement 2

Fit a door chain but, not your standard metal linked door chain. I suggest fitting an A I M forensic alarm system. If the burglar got passed the British Standard 3 Star Euro Cylinder, which is highly unlikely, then this will give you an additional layer of protection.

Security Improvement 3

Fit a letterbox restrictor. The restrictor will stop burglar’s identifying through the letterbox whether or not you have a thumb turn or leave the keys in the lock. This will then prevent them from burning a hole in the door, big enough for them to stick their arm through to turn the key or turn.

Recommended Product

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