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Gun Safe Installation Lincoln

If you are applying for your firearms or shot gun licence then you will need to have a gun safe correctly fitted for you to pass your Police inspection. If you do not have the skills and tools to fit the gun safe, then you will need to pay someone to do it for you. You need to be very careful in who you hire because it needs to be installed correctly and the person installing it needs to be trustworthy. What you do not want is someone passing on vital information about the location of the gun safe in your house, what make and model it is and how it has been installed. That is why you need to hire a high security locksmith, who has under gone rigorous background checks, giving you confidence in his trustworthiness. Not only am I DBS checked and cleared but I am also Ministry of Defence vetted to Top Secret, so I am the high security locksmith that you need to install your gun safe.

Gun Safe Delivered and Installed in Lincoln

If you currently do not have a gun safe then we can happily discuss your requirements over the phone 07789997214 or email via this website. You can buy one through me, I will then deliver and install the gun safe. The critical information I will need to know is: how many guns does the safe need to hold, how many steps are there to its location and does the location have a solid floor and wall for it to be fixed to. If we are in any doubt or if there is any confusion I will happily come to your location and conduct a free survey.

Gun Safe Installation Service for Lincoln

If you have already purchased a gun safe but need it installed correctly then I do offer a gun safe installation service. Like above, please ring me on 07789997214 or email me via this website to discuss your requirements.

If you have a gun safe you will also need to store the ammunition securely and the most effective way is to purchase a small safe and have it installed correctly.

If you need further information on the Laws and requirements of owning a fire arm then please follow this link to the Home Office Firms Security Guide.

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