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McCallum Locksmiths provide you with home safe installation in Lincoln

Why? Not only am I DBS checked and cleared but more importantly I am Ministry of Defence vetted to Top Secret. I have had my bank accounts, passports and internet history thoroughly investigated. When you are inviting a trades person into your property to discuss your safe requirement, you must be confident that he is trustworthy. So, if you need a safe installed in your home or business please ring me on 07789997214 or email me via this website. If you purchase a safe from me and require my home safe installation service it will be a three step process: survey, delivery and the safe fitting service. This is explained in detail below:

Step 1. Survey at your Property in Lincoln

To ensure that we order the right safe for you and your needs, we’ll conduct a free survey at your home location. The most important factor we need to establish is “what cash or valuable rated safe do you need?” Your home contents insurance company will give you guidance on this.

Once we have established the cash or valuable rating, we then need to understand the size of the objects (cash, jewellery or a hard drive for example) that are going to be placed in the safe. This will then give us the size of the safe that is required. Now that we have the cash/valuable rating and the size of the safe that is required, the last part is the location.

The standard fixing holes for a safe are on the bottom, but if the safe needs to be fitted on a soft floor (not concrete) or not on the ground floor, then we need to have a safe that can be fixed from its  side or its rear.

Once we have gathered the information I will be able to give you an accurate quote with an installation date.

Step 2. Delivery to your property in Lincoln

Most home safes will be delivered in my locksmith van and on the very rare occasion it will be delivered on a trailer. The last time I had to deliver a safe on a trailer, was when a customer ordered a 875 kg, £60k cash rated safe.

Step 3. Safe Fitting Service at your Property in Lincoln

McCallum Locksmiths offers a safe fitting service, whether you have purchased a safe from me or whether you have brought one online. If you have brought a safe online and you hire my safe fitting service, then I will only issue a guarantee for the fitting but not the safe.

When fitting a safe we need to ensure that the safe is bolted to either the floor or a solid wall. Where ever possible, I will bond the safe to the floor or wall using a bonding agent called CT 1. This will give the safe an added layer of protection.

Safe Installation Costs for your Property in Lincoln

The safe installation costs will vary depending on the size and weight of the safe, the location of where it is to be fixed and the time that it will take to install. The minimum I have charged is £100 and this was for a safe that weighed 35 kg and was installed in basement. However, the most I have charged is £1300. This was for a 875 kg safe, that was installed in a Grade II listed building on the first floor. This took over 4 hours to install with 5 people

Safe Purchase

I only sell safes from a company called Dudley Safes. They are made in the West Midlands and are a far superior safe to anything else on the market. More importantly you can still get parts for safes they made 20 years ago. Please ring me on 07789997214 or email via this website for more information.

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