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Locksmith Woodhall Spa that lives 5 mins away in Martin
Locksmith Woodhall Spa

Do you need a Locksmith Woodhall Spa? If so, please ring Robin now on 07789997214. Robin from McCallum Locksmiths Ltd is the closest locksmith to Woodhall Spa, as he lives in the village in Martin. There are no locksmiths that live in Woodhall Spa, so please do not be fooled.

McCallum Locksmiths is a mobile locksmith business open 24/7 that can help. I have over 20+ years of experience in the security environment. Not only am I DBS checked and cleared but I am also Ministry of Defence vetted to Top Secret, making me Woodhall Spa’s only high-security locksmith. So, if you need a “locksmith near me” please ring me now. The locksmith services I offer are as follows:

Woodhall Spa – Lock Out Service

Are you locked out of your home or business premises in Woodhall Spa? I can be with you in 5-10 mins, night or day. I will always try many non-destructive methods of entry first and foremost. By doing this, I can keep the cost to you to an absolute minimum.

Woodhall Spa – Lock Repair

If you live in a listed building, have a unique or antique door lock that needs repairing, I can help. It would typically involve removing it, fitting a temporary solution, then restoring it at my workshop. I will always try and have a quick turn around time on a lock repair, but it will always depend on what needs repairing. However, I will always keep you informed. Sometimes with new locks, it may be more economical for you to have it replaced because some locks are not designed to be opened up and repaired.

Woodhall Spa – uPVC Door Repair

If you have a uPVC door that will not shut, lock or open, then I can fix this issue. Typically, it will either be an adjustment of the hinges, a gearbox change, a new set of handles or a euro cylinder replacement. It never requires the fitting of a new door.

seized deadbolt
The seized deadbolt on a multi-locking point mechanism

Please click here for my recent article on Loose uPVC handles and why you should change them.

Woodhall Spa – Lock Upgrades or Lock Change Near Me

Upgrading front door lock by the locksmith woodhall spa
lock change Woodhall spa by www.mccallumlocksmiths.co.uk

If you have moved into a new house, it is always important to change the locks on your external doors. Why? You can never be sure who still has possession of a key to your house given to them from the previous owner. By changing the locks, you can remove that problem. When changing the locks, it will be an excellent opportunity to upgrade the lock to the current British Standard. By updating to the current British Standard it will keep you compliant with your Home Contents Insurance, for more detailed information, please click here. The euro cylinder pictured below is from a break in this summer. The lock was not British Standard allowing the burglar to snap the barrel in two.  So, this is why you must have a British Kite Mark stamped on your locks.

Insurance approved locks
Locksmith Woodhall Spa
A Euro Cylinder that has been snapped in two by a criminal.

If your locks look like the one on this post, then you are a 5-second burglary. So, please get it changed.

Keyless Locks

If you need a keyless lock fitted, then there are plenty to choose from, but please do get in contact on 07789997214 if you require a bit of guidance. There are effectively two types of keyless locks, mechanical and electronic. If you are after a mechanical keyless lock, then please have a lock at the Code Lock Website. If you are after an electronic Keyless lock, then please have a look at the Yale website as they have two types. One for a wooden door and one for a uPVC door.

Key Less Exit Locks

If you live in a flat or HMO then by law, you must have a keyless exit lock in case of a fire. It is for the same reason I suggest you should have one for any property you own. The video below is an example of a mortise lock that has a euro thumb turn cylinder.

Safe Installation

If you require a gun safe fitted, then please visit this link, but if you need a home security safe installed then click here. However, if you are a business and require a security safe fitted then click on this link. The only safe manufacturer we will supply are safes made by Dudley Safe, and if you are interested, then please visit their website by clicking here. If you currently have a safe installed for your business, then please have a read of this Security Safe Management post.

Woodhall Spa –Window Locks Fitted.

If you have any concerns about your window security, whether they are wooden or uPVC, there will always be a solution. It could mean fitting a window lock, a sash jammer or replacing a non-locking handle with one that locks. We can easily discuss this over the phone or by email if required.

Woodhall Spa – 24 hr Emergency Locksmith Service.

If you have an emergency locksmith issue, then please pick up the phone now and ring Robin on 07789997214. He offers a 24 hr Emergency Locksmith Service for Woodhall Spa.

Due to the business being mobile I will be the closest locksmith, I do not have to close a shop to get to you. It enables me to be flexible enough to offer a 24 hr emergency locksmith service. All of my stock is on my van so that I can fix an issue in one visit.

Woodhall Spa – Burglary Repair

If the worst has happened and you have suffered burglary, then I can secure your property.

Woodhall Spa – Locksmith Costs

The cost for a locksmith will vary depending on their size. A small independent business will be VAT free, to keep them competitive. Large National Locksmith companies, who you will find on all the front pages of telephone directories and Google Ads, will charge VAT and a sizeable hourly fee. The hourly labour rate does change throughout the day and week. So, 9 am on a Monday will be a lot cheaper than 2 am on a Sunday morning. If you would like to know more, then please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Cheap Locksmith Near me

The only way you are going to found out who is the ‘cheap locksmith near’ is by doing a bit of research by yourself. Please have a lock at my prices by following this link and then go and compare McCallum Locksmiths with another Locksmith company. Please remember we do not charge VAT and if the quote is too good to be true it will be a scam. Some companies will offer you a meagre price to win the job, but after completing it, you will then receive a massive bill. So, please take care.


Finally, if you are looking at this page because you are interested in becoming a Locksmith, then please feel free to get in contact with the Master Locksmith Association and have a good look at their training courses. They also offer advice on how to get into the business.  Please follow this is the link to their website.

Woodhall Spa – Free Security Advice

If you would like free security advice from your local locksmith then please either email me via this website or call me on 07789997214.

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