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Security Safe Installation Lincoln

Dudley Safes
Security Safe Installation Lincoln

If you require a security safe installed at your home or business property in Lincoln, then McCallum Locksmiths Ltd is the safe company for you. Why McCallum Locksmiths? Firstly, I am a high security locksmith because of my Ministry of Defence Vetting to Top Secret. This is on top of being DBS checked and cleared. Secondly, I only use high quality, British made safes made by a company that still produce parts for safes they built 30 years ago. Each safe will come with a 5 year warranty, which I have not had to use so far.

Lincoln Security Safe Recommendation – Dudley Safes

The only safe that I will supply are made in the West Midlands by a company called Dudley Safes. Their safes are far superior to any other safe that is on the market. They, as a company, are very flexible and will customise or modify a safe (where ever possible) to suit a customers needs.

All of Dudley Safes are The Association of Insurance Surveyors Approved. More importantly they produce a number of Euro graded rated safes certified in compliance with Grade 0. Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 safes. Euro graded safes are Secured by Design which meet the Police Preferred Specification and they are approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board. It will most likely be the Euro Grade safes that you require if you are searching for Security Safes.

Which Euro graded safe do you require? The most important aspect is the cash or valuable cover you require. This will normally be dictated to you by your insurance company. For example a Euro Grade 0 safe has a £6000 cash and up to £60,000 valuable cover and will come in 8 different sizes. Size 0 weighs 97kg and size 6 weighs 480kg. The size will depend on the items that you need to put into the safe.

If you require my services for your security safe installation then there will be a set process that we need to follow.

Firstly, we need to meet at the location where the safe is going to be fitted. This will give me a chance to recce the route the safe will follow from the van to the installation point. Secondly, at the installation point I will need to see where we are going to fix the safe. It will either be fixed to the floor or a wall (at the rear of of the safe, left side or right side). With this information I can produce a quote. Thirdly, is the installation date and I will try and be flexible around your commitments.

If there are any queries then please do not hesitate to get in contact, either by phone 07789997214 or by email via this website.