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Security Safe Management

Leaving a safe open is an open invite to be robbed
Stop leaving your safe open!

A safe is only safe when the door is shut and locked.

The safe pictured above was left open for 15 mins in full view of the landing above in a shopping centre. My advice to any owners of a safe is this. If you need to put something in or take something out of your safe, do it and do it quickly. You will never know who is watching you. Ultimately, never leave it open.

If you are a manager or owner of a business that deals with a lot of cash, you can have fitted to your safe a Full Audit Digital Lock. The Full Audit Digital Lock allows the owner or manager to monitor the safe. The lock will record which user, at what time had opened the safe. The Full Audit Digital Lock will record how long the safe door was left open. By connecting your laptop to the digital lock, you can download the information stored on it. It will allow you to download all the critical information that you need to manage your staff’s use of the safe.

If you would like any further advice on safe management or needs a safe fitted, then please feel free to get in contact either by phone 07789997214 or by email info@mccallumlocksmiths.co.uk. Or visit my web page https://www.mccallumlocksmiths.co.uk/security-safe-installation-lincoln/

I am Ministry of Defence vetted to Top Secret, making me one of the most trusted tradesmen in the UK and whatever we discuss will always be in strictest confidence.

A company called Dudley Safes build the only safes that McCallum Locksmiths will supply. They have been going for over 40 years. Dudley Safes make their safes in the West Midland. They will still produce parts for safes thy built 30-40 years ago, unlike many other safe companies. Dudley Safes will also customise their safes to suit a buyer’s needs. It’s this flexibility, which makes selling their safes so easy to do. Lastly, the safe has a built-in Britain sticker, and I like to support good quality British business.

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